Introduction to Persona Tarocchini

July 10, 2020

Psychological portraits of Persona Tarocchini is a field of knowledge that describes the personality and aspects of life and activity of a person with the archetypes of the arcana of Tarot cards. Tarocchini is a deck of cards used in Italy since the middle of the XV century for card games. Tarocchini is a standard deck of Tarot cards, however, at the beginning of the XVI century, the deck lost 16 cards and began to count 62 cards and used exclusively for gambling.

In 1995, 50 years after the end of Second World War, a large number of archives, both military and historical, were declassified. In one of these archives were found works of Italian clerics, dating back to 1520-1530 years. It is assumed that the works belong to the Theatinists, representatives of the first Order of Regular Clerics, formed in 1524. The document is called "Sacraments of personality in relation to the faces of Tarocchini". Researchers tend to believe that the system was based on, among other things, ancient Masonic knowledge. It is also possible that the authors of the methodology of personality analysis themselves were directly related to the Masonic lodge. After active studying of system by tarologists from all over the world, as a result of close collegial cooperation, the system of 33 basic positions, 22 karmic positions and 42 aspects describing human personality through acronyms of Tarot and numerology has been completely recreated. We represent to your attention the system which you can use in the consulting practice, having repeatedly convinced of its efficiency and accuracy.