The Fool in first position meaning

July 24, 2020

The fool in the position of the nature of thinking gives an extremely interesting set of qualities. Such a person is definitely an innovator; he is not afraid of new technologies, new ways of development, new information. A man is very kind, naive and open in nature, quickly assimilates and processes information, quickly learns, throughout his life is learning something new and absorbs new skills. The mind of a man with XXII arcana in 1 position is also mobile: a man always needs new information for analysis. Such a person can read news, squeezes with useful information, etc. with excitement. However, the aspiration to everything new can give impermanence in some life issues, as well as a high degree of confidence in any information and childish naivety. Such a person can simply be deceived, and he can easily believe even in the most seemingly unusual information. As a child, such a person can open up to the interlocutor from the first minutes of communication, so the person should carefully watch his surroundings. Very often by stupidity and naivety people with XXII arcana in 1 position get into the network of cheaters and cheaters. It is important for such a person to have a wise man in his environment, who can help to critically assess any information.