Three levels of personal knowledge

July 24, 2020

The Persona Tarocchini system assumes that there are 3 basic levels of personal knowledge:

1.       The physical level is what happens in a person's life at the level of his actions and everyday situations.

2.       The mental level is what happens in a person's life at the level of reflections and emotions, including fears, complexes, personal strengths, hidden potential, etc.

3.       Karmic level - karmic aspects that represent experience from previous incarnations of a personality that positively or negatively affects a person's current life. In addition to the three levels of personal disclosure, the portrait also uses the concept of personal aspects. In addition to the date of birth, a person's time of birth is also used in the interpretation, which makes the portrait extremely versatile and solves the problem that 2 people born on the same day may have a fundamentally different fate. The Persona Tarocchini system explains this phenomenon precisely by the presence of aspects to each of the positions.