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The Fool in first position meaning

The fool in the position of the nature of thinking gives an extremely interesting set of qualities. Such a person is definitely an innovator; he is not afraid of new technologies, new ways of development, new information. A man is very kind, naive and open in nature, quickly assimilates and processes information, quickly learns, throughout […]

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Three levels of personal knowledge

The Persona Tarocchini system assumes that there are 3 basic levels of personal knowledge: 1.       The physical level is what happens in a person's life at the level of his actions and everyday situations. 2.       The mental level is what happens in a person's life at the level of reflections and emotions, including fears, complexes, […]

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Introduction to Persona Tarocchini

Psychological portraits of Persona Tarocchini is a field of knowledge that describes the personality and aspects of life and activity of a person with the archetypes of the arcana of Tarot cards. Tarocchini is a deck of cards used in Italy since the middle of the XV century for card games. Tarocchini is a standard […]

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